Tiny Telephone Sessions

We've been recording at Tiny Telephone studio here in San Francisco. It's a vibey, one of a kind studio that specializes in analogue recording technology. The place is full of old guitars, amps, keyboards and other strange musical instruments. There is antique bric-a-brac decorating every nook, like a museum of curiosities. Being surrounded by all this cool old stuff makes you inspired to create cool music. The warm, fat sound they get you is pretty fucking awesome too. Hopefully these pictures do the place a little bit of justice. (Click on the image below to scroll through the album).

Photos by Sarah Symcox, Blake Caver and Adrian Symcox

Welcome to the brand new!

This is our blog page. I will use this page to keep you informed of the latest, greatest thing happening in the world of YOTB. We've been busy in the past couple of months, so I'm going to post everything that's been going on, and bring you up to speed.